A Christmas commercialized Carol: from the chimney to the shops

Why did Christmas become so commercialized?

I have always loved the “once upon a time” and one of the histories that has fascinated me more is the one of Santa Claus: this old grandpa working the whole year to build gifts for all the children of the world.
Also when I understood that he wasn’t real, I kept on believing, because perhaps everything that counted was the Christmas “magic”: the colors, the perfumes and the melodies typical of that days.
Today things are changed…

Christmas has been completely revamped into a holiday of huge financial proportions.
In recent years, you may have noticed how early the Christmas music starts playing and how early shops begin to promote holiday sales.
We can’t deny that what started as a religious holiday has taken on commercial significance: decorations, trees, and lights are appearing earlier and earlier. Christmas ads are becoming more and more frequent and entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses – large and small – have all played a role.
One reason is that there is a lot of money to be made: people buy presents during Christmas, they have parties to spend time with friends and family and many others book flights in advance to visit the distant darlings or exotic places whether to spend the festivities stretched on white and sunny beaches.
An other reason is that people are happy around the holidays and they like their family traditions and planning the annual Christmas party: the Christmas tree, the house’s decorations, and giving presents to family and friends. Also this lead us to commercialization.
Christmas started as “religious holiday” but since the 1990s newspaper ads, storefronts, and flyers were decorated with Christmas cheer.  Millions of dollars are spent every year on Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands and cards. We can of course say that we all have made the commercialization of Christmas a tradition.

The commercialization of Christmas in numbers

When did the first Christmas tree appear? Someone thinks in the 1790s, when Charlotte, wife of King George III used to decorate a tree for her family in Germany and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are the ones who made it extremely popular in Britain.
– As the the Christian Science Monitor reported, gift-giving has its roots in pagan rituals held during the winter; we can certainly say that exchanging gifts – expensive or not – is not so modern.
How much cost us a pretty wrapping paper? We could say: not more then 1$, but today the wrapping industry is a $2.6 billion industry.
Wrapping paper in some cultures as the Japanese one, goes back many centuries. But here in the West, wrapping presents dates back at the Victorian era.
And where does Santa Claus reindeer come from? According to the website altogetherchristmas.com the first known Santa’s reindeer occurred in 1821.
Learn more about Christmas: http://altogetherchristmas.com/.

Is the commercialization of Christmas wrong?

No, is not. The industry grew from there too and we can’t deny this is important, and also we can’t deny that we all love to sing our favorite Christmas songs and we love to watch our favorite Christmas movies on TV.
We could say that the commercialization of Christmas is now a tradition, but we could all do something more for our loved ones: create ourselves a gift that require our time, for example or organize a special day to spend with the person we see less during the year. Because our time and our love is the most precious gift.
And to finish respecting the tradition, but giving a moral to this article, nothing better then the deeper meanings of A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens.

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Daniela Cozzolino