About SuperCampione: free samples, coupon, contest and offers

Everybody really would like to save money taking advantages from free samples, coupons, discounts, special offers and premium contests.
Are you asking how?

Save money using websites that report free samples, contests and special offers

There are thousands websites with such great contents grouping the best deals for the users: free samples, coupons, offers, contests, discounts. How the user can take advantage from this?
The major companies use a marketing strategy by distributing a limited stock of their products for free which allows users to try the products before buying them. In particular, the free samples of perfumes, food, cosmetics and many more.
Coupon and discounts codes save your money during online and traditional shopping. They gives you some discount on your total and the final amount will be reduced compared to the actual payment. You just copy the code of your choice and paste it during checkout (do not forget to check the coupon code box at checkout!). Just this few steps help you to save some money.
Coupon are playing important role in your shopping. Retailers give the coupon codes for business marketing or promoting their products and such a discount surely attracts the customer who interested in online shopping. Coupons have made people crazy about online shopping.

These kind of Websites are live everywhere

In Italy there is www.supercampione.it. It’s a website where free samples, coupon, vouchers, contests and special offers are shown to help you tasting new products and services, save money while you shop or buy online. SuperCampione is also let you have a chance to win amazing prizes: voucher codes to be spent in different supermarkets, coupon to put gasoline, amazing conditions to buy cosmetics, health stuff, etc.
The website is updated every day with the initiatives of the various companies wishing to discover and test their products and retain customers.
Look through the different categories of the site to find the most interesting initiatives: Free samples, Coupons, Prize competitions and Special offers.
There are very famous international brands there: Samsung, H&M, Kiko, Kipling…
But also you can find the best italian brands like Barilla, Costa Crociere, Mulino Bianco. Is a win-to-win relationship: Why?

The users are saving money enjoying those special promotions, the advertisers are doing brand awareness for free, loyalt their existing customers and attract new ones; the website has the possibility to be more visible from other users and can use the website as a medium to promote new offers, brands and activities.

Alessandro Gherardi