Are you ready for the Christmas Email Marketing?

Email marketing and Christmas get along very well and there are different ways for succeeding. Check out our 5 essential tips to make the best out of the Christmas period!
The holiday season is one of the busiest and most lucrative times of the year for many businesses. In particular, Christmas is one of the most profitable period for those working in the email marketing business. During this period is very important to take advantage of it and enjoy all the incredible opportunities that arise.

Are you ready to take advantage of this wonderful time of the year? Perfect, let’s get started.

5 essential tips to make the best out of the Christmas period

1) Analyze last year’s Christmas email campaigns

To effectively plan this year Christmas campaigns have a look back to what you sent last year and see how it performed. What tactics and campaigns worked better for your database? In short, here is what you need to do: check which were the best campaigns, in which day were they sent and, if possible, which segment/selection of the database has received that particular campaign.

2) What are your competitors doing?

Are you struggling for inspiration? Or you don’t have last year’s records? No problem, have a look at what your competitors are doing this Christmas! You can sign up to mailing lists and see what offers other businesses in your field are running. Finally, try to compare their approach to yours. Are they doing better than you? If yes, try to understand and replicate their best practices.

3) Are you getting your campaigns to the right audience?

Also, in this period of the year is very important to segment as much as you can your database according to the users needs. Your goal has to be to send the right campaign to the right user! In this way, you will make your user feel cuddled and unique, and not just a number in your database.

4) Emails are made for our mobile world

When you are in holiday you rely on your smartphone and/or tablet to keep yourself updated for all kinds of information. The same applies to your subscribers! Therefore, it is very important that the emails you have planned for them are mobile optimized. Bear in mind that researches show a growing number of consumers are doing their Christmas holiday shopping on mobile devices.

5) Use effective sender and subject lines!

The sender line and the subject line are at the base of a succeeding email marketing campaign. If your email won’t be open, it won’t produce any revenue for you. Moreover, if your subscribers don’t open your emails, they will soon be labelled as inactive users.

Think carefully in order to differentiate yourself from the others, try to catch their attention and stimulate the curiosity of your users. Use a friendly and persuasive tone, consider adding emoji ⛄🎅🏻 (did you know the snowman emoji drives the highest open rates?), ask a question (questions are automatically engaging, which is why they’re great for subject lines – turn the content that’s inside your email into a question!). Finally, try proposing a limited-time offer to convince your users to take advantage of the Christmas promotions!

Yet, make sure that when they open your email it looks fantastic. Christmas is a fantastic period to enrich your emails with colors and Christmas items.

Hopefully these tips will get you off to great start with your Christmas email marketing, however be sure to allow yourself enough time to create and refine your campaigns to their best. We recommend  A/B testing to ensure design success, the right campaign sometime is not enough. You will need a strategy that engages your subscribers and that is able to cuddle your users because…Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling!”

Fabio Chiavello