Cristiano Ronaldo: the best football player in the world

We are sure that everybody knows pretty well Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the greatest football player in the world.
Cristiano won 27 trophies, including 5 UEFA Champions League, playing with Manchester United, Real Madrid and the Portugal National Team. Also, he scored 666 goals in 911 appearances in Portugal, England and Spain.
Recently, Juventus FC bought Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for the huge amount of 112.000.000 €. His new salary from Juventus is 30.000.000 € per year until 2023, which means he will earn 150 million euro in the next 5 years. Not bad for a 33 years old player.

The popular global Media company Forbes, discovered how much the Portuguese player earned in 2017: 93.000.000 €!

His salary at Real Madrid was 24.000.000 € per year, but more then 60% of the revenue comes from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sponsors and partnerships. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo is the ambassador of many brands: TAG Heuer, Nike, Emporio Armani, Herbalife, Samsung,, Emirates Airlines, American Tourister and much more.
The best example of how important CR7 is for those big companies is the most famous Sportswear Nike. The American leading sport brand made a special life-contract for Cristiano, the first footballer to have this important deal. Nike is paying 30.000.000 € per year for all life. According to some estimates, Nike will make profits for 1 billion dollars for this partnership.

Why every single brand in the world wants Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador?

The main reason is his achievements in the football pitches all around the world. But there are more reasons.

A Social Media Champion

Cristiano Ronaldo works very well with personal branding, social media and web marketing. His social media team is great because he is the first footballer in the social networks. On Instagram for example, With 133 million followers – only Selena Gomez has done better than him – he is the second most followed VIP in the world.
His partners and sponsor pays to be advertised on Instagram by Ronaldo. One post in the official CR7 Instagram profile costs almost 600.000 € for a very good reason: every single picture of Cristiano reach at least 2,5 millions interactions and this could be the best return of investment ever for a lot of advertisers, they can make a huge profit thanks to the portuguese champion. In this way, companies can reach an audience 4 times bigger then a TV spot during the Champions League final.
There is more: In the TOP5 of the posts with the most likes of all time, in 2 there is Cristiano Ronaldo. With his newborn, he reached 11,4 million of likes (4th position) and with the first picture with Juventus shirt, 11,3 (5th Position). If we speak about sportsman, only the brazilian player Neymar Jr is close to CR7: one of his Instagram post it costs 500.000 €

Moreover, on Facebook Cristiano Ronaldo reached unbelievable numbers: 122 million likes.
The 3 most important football teams in Italy, including his new club, reach 67 millions: Juventus (33), Milan (24), Inter (10). Moreover, he has more likes then the whole Serie A clubs.

If we move far away from Italy, the clubs has better numbers but nothing compared to the CR7 audience. The best team on Facebook is Real Madrid (109 Mln). After the Blancos, we can find Barcelona (102 Mln), Manchester United (73 Mln), Bayern Munich (47 Mln), Chelsea (47 Mln).

On Facebook, for every post promoting his sponsors, Cristiano earn 1,500,000 €. The ROI could be even better then Instagram.

His social media manager team understood that is important promote the brands, but is also necessary to show pictures and episodes of the Cristiano “normal” life. Between the new Nike shoes and the latest American Tourister suitcases, we can see his house, dinners, trainings, family…

The total amount of Cristiano Ronaldo followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is 324 Millions. Actually, more then the population of United States of America (323), Brazil (209), Russia (144), Germany (82).
With thePortuguese player, Juventus hopes to increase cups and titles, but for sure the most important football club in Italy will increase followers. Let’s speak about some cases: in 2017, when Neymar Jr moved from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint German, the french club has 30% more followers and 7 times the unique visits in their website.
There are some countries where Juventus brand is really strong and in some other not. For example: on Facebook in Brazil the club from Torino counts 1,6 million likes; Cristiano Ronaldo counts 8,2 millions. The same we can say for other big countries, like India and United States: In India Cristiano has 7,6 million likes and Juventus only 900.000. In the US, Juventus achieved 500.000 likes; Ronaldo ten times more.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer but also he has greatest social media profile in the world.

Alessandro Gherardi