Digital Marketing GLOSSARY: most used words with letter A

I would like to welcome you all to the first appointment with Advice Global’s Digital Marketing Glossary Blog.

Firstly I would like to give you a small introduction about the topic I will be talking about for today.

For this episode I will be explaining most of the words that start with the letter A in the world of digital marketing, mostly that play an essential role when it comes to web marketing, in detail so that everyone would be able to follow up. This way you will be able to identify these important keywords and manage to read this article and be able to identify more what web marketing consists of.


Ads are the way that Marketeers communicate to the audience using various types of mixed media types such as visual or audio, that promote their adverts to try to drive their products or services


Ad Network is an online space that is mainly used by publishers, it consists mainly of an online platform that helps promoting ads shared by the advertising network, the aim for this is to target publishers choose one or many of the offers published on the Network to deliver traffic to other online advertising networks. The “Online Advertising Network” is split into three groups:

Targeted Networks – Is when you are aiming for a specific type of distribution, specific audience for example: looking for a targeted age (40-50 years) or/ all people that are looking to buy a house.

Blind Networks – Is when an ad network does not let the advertisers know where their ads are being displayed.

Vertical networks – is when the main members of the distribution (wholesaler, retailer and producer) work together to meet consumer needs.


Adwords is an online service that is provided by google to advertise and promote which advertising agencies pay to product and list on Google itself. It is mainly used to place advertising copies on pages that are relevant.


A/B Testing is a test that is used mainly in E-mail Marketing, Call to actions, and landing pages. The test consists mainly of tracking which was the best performing Kit (subject, sender, graphic) This will be analysed by tracking such as: Open-rates, Clicks, Impressions etc…; and this is used to improve the performance and sales in Marketing strategies.


Is also known as a publisher, who usually is a company/ person that acts as a reseller of product from another merchant. While Affiliate Marketing is a type of strategy where merchants reward the better Affiliates for creating new business and improving the business efforts for the merchant himself. For more information read our blog about affiliate marketing.


Is mainly used to maximise the business in question’s return on investment, by viewing the provided data/ information available. It is the information presented in different formats and recorded as a summary and provided to the marketeers.


Algorithm is mainly a set of rules used to calculate or optimise entry data, instructions and results derived from the promotions used. In Digital marketing the best algorithm is know as google algorithm which is used mainly for better speed, complexity, ad optimisation and bigger data sends.

The end results are always achieved but its how they are achieved that is the most important.

Luke Vassallo