Digital Marketing GLOSSARY: most used words with letter B

Hey hey hey, here we go with our glossary part II! It’s time to move deeper in our alphabet, through its B side. So words like bounce, brand and many more won’t be anymore a secret for you.
So enjoy your reading and stay tuned for the next episode!


It’s a business model which implies a commercial interaction between a company and others organizations.


It’s a business model which involves an interaction between private consumers and enterprises.


It’s a graphical/visual form of advertising which usually contains images. The standard size is 468×60, which is the one that could be best placed on a website.


It’s a particular kind of website where the contents are displayed in an anti-chronological form. Usually, the blog is managed by one or more bloggers, who publish -periodically- multimedia content, in textual form or in the form of a post, a concept similar to a newspaper article.


It corresponds to the percentage of visitors on a site that leave it immediately without viewing or interacting with the page.


It’s the name also characterized or consisting of a design or graphic sign, which identifies a product, a product line or a company.


It’s a document drawn up by the client and the account to entrust the work to the agency. Describes the objectives of the campaign, the communication and promotional strategy, the type of consumer to be reached.


It’s basically a meeting where the participants discuss over the situation and the development of certain topics or issues.


A Bid is a fee that it’s paid in non-organic advertising especially on SEO to get a better positioning on the search engine.


Buzz marketing consists of a combination of actions with the porpuse of increasing the volume of people talking about a brand, product or service. Generally, its maing goal is to increase the brand awaraness of a certain product.


Generally, with the word bot we refer to an automatic program. Google uses spam bots on websites to detect vicious or maliciocious contents and downgrade them on Google rank marking them as junk traffic.


A browser is a tool, which normally is already installed on your computer which allows you to surf the internet and visualize html codes in a graphic way.


It’s the written part of an advertisement, on which the company and / or the product are described, and it’s also the text below a headline.

Daniela Cozzolino & Marco Martinez