The importance of digital trends in the tourism marketing

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Digital marketing nowadays is an essential part of every business no matter the size and type, so let’s talk about digital trends in the tourism marketing.
The need for web marketing has been felt like never before especially in the travel and tourism record industry where customers have instant access to all kinds of information on the latest offers and best prices.

What established the success of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is the fact that it allows businesses to track user behaviour in real-time. Every campaign launched digitally can be tracked in terms of its reach, engagement and conversion.

Which are the main characteristics of successful digital campaigns in the tourism marketing?


Websites content must be concise and ensure that the USPs are visible as well services and relevant information. Adding good quality images of services offered like amenities or 360 virtual tour will let users to take an informed decision. The website must allows the users to make a purchase without the need of any kind of assistance. It must be updated regularly keeping in view the changing customers’ needs and preferences. The navigation tab should have a clear option for deals/packages to avoid an increase in the bounce rate.

Social Media Presence


It’s a marketing tool that allows to get to know customers and prospects in new ways compared to a decade ago. The most relevant social media platforms for a tourism business as digital trends include:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has a very important role to determine the website traffic. Google, which is the biggest search engine, understands synonyms so keywords must be correctly chosen. Usage of long-tailed keywords such as ‘best holiday package Malta’ should lead to more conversions rather than short-tailed keywords.


travel content

This is the basis in the tourism marketing since high quality content are adding value to the users. Videos and a visual representation of data or information are an interactive content type to get noticed and engage users.

Mobile friendly

There are 7.5 billion people living on this planet but 4 billion of them own a mobile phone, mostly smartphones. Either app, website where the user can live a 360 virtual tour, social media status, emails, or any other aspect of digital marketing, being mobile-friendly is a imperative today in the travel and tourism.

Email Marketing

As per Kotler and Koller definition:
“The use of email marketing creates the opportunity to offer any potential interested guest to arrive at the right time at the minimum cost, and the results of such activities must be measurable, which creates a basis for decisions on future marketing activities.”
It facilitate users to know about the latest hotels offers, special deals on flights packages, room availability, digital trends and so on. Also emails are sent to users to keep them updated about the status of their bookings. Emails are also a great way of keeping the relationship going with the customers after the transaction has been completed. Special mailers are sent to customers on special events such as birthdays and anniversaries by offering a special price on the services. This provides an incentive to the customers to make a purchase while visiting the competitors in the travel and tourism.

Digital Marketing today is all about using the internet technologies to reach out to existing and new audiences and engage with them. For any business to be successful digitally in the tourism industry today, the above points play a very decisive role.

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