Email Marketing: the first vice that
leads you traffic!

What about email marketing services, database management and lead generation? I’ll try to clarify these marketing tools by telling you about my experience… 🙂

Hello everybody, my name’s Marco Martinez and recently I have started working for Advice Global, a company based in sunny Malta which offers email marketing services, database management and lead generation for the international markets.
I have the honour and duty of writing the first article for the blog that our Company has decided to launch in order to inform our affiliates, our industry’s stakeholders, shareholders or just who is curious about this new and innovative way of doing marketing, about news and trends that this groundbreaking tool offers.
We will publish articles twice per month, so if you fancy keeping up to date about these topics, give it a try.

How I bumped into the Email Marketing world

I won’t bother you with numbers, percentages and stats, let’s be honest, a blog full of numbers, doesn’t have a big appeal. I love football since I was 5 and the last year, thanks to a number of lucky coincidences I took part to a lottery for winning some tickets for the Euro cup 2016 through the UEFA website.
In order to buy them, it was necessary to fill a form which asked for some personal details: email, mobile number, age, gender, name and surname, address and some other info, which were useful to UEFA to verify my identity. Once I’ve received the confirmation email, I was ready to roll the hard six and eventually Lady Luck smiled at me, I won 4 tickets for Italy Vs Ireland.
What I didn’t know, as probably most of you too, or maybe not, it’s that once I have registered to UEFA website, I have been inserted inside its database. Yes, even UEFA manages a database and it does use email marketing effectively. How didn’t I think about it before I asked to my self.

Web advertising and web marketing in general are the most efficient method nowadays to generate and lead traffic on your website, to create brand awareness or just to advertised events and exhibitions.
Heartened by my experience with UEFA and still not totally conscious of the consequences that it would have had, I decided to join a lottery announced by Juventus FC to win 2 tickets for the game Juventus Vs Bayern Munich. Than again: email, mobile number, age, gender, name and surname, address and surprisingly this time I needed to give Juventus Fc access to my Facebook details.
Who cares I thought, that match was so important to me that giving access to my data to whoever database manager or ignoring whatever privacy policy was a fair price to pay. That time, I wasn’t t lucky as in the previous occasion, the same goes for Juventus.

How does Email Marketing work

Now I receive regularly email about UEFA events and the Old Lady news, my email ended up into a never-ending loop between email and web advertising, but at the end of the day, the emails I receive are targeted for something I am really interested in.
And in the worst case scenario I can always ask to the database administrator to remove my data from its database. However, not all companies (especially the ones ruled by Eupalla: the god of football in Italian) have the liquidity, both in terms of money and resources to own a database and to hire a database manager, most of them prefer to outsource it to an external company.
Recently, I have even sent my CV to Juventus which, together with FC Internazionale, A.K.A Inter, it’s among the few football teams in Europe that offers a platform which allows someone to submit a CV, obviously asking for some of your personal details, but this, it’s another story.

If this marketing tool got aroused your curiosity and you’d like to learn more or start work with it, discover our email campaigns or contact us.

Live pono and eat pasta! Ciao 🙂

Marco Martinez