History of Marketing in brief

The practice of marketing may have been carried out for millennia but as you all quite know, digital marketing is booming in this point in time. Many have noticed that marketing has changed so much since when it was first emerged as an academic field in the early twentieth century.

The concept we now see has more to do with developments during the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, this was a time of rapid social change motivated by innovations in the technologic and scientific industries. It was in this era that purchasing goods began to be easier for a consumer than make things themselves. Mass production created many industries engaged in the same endeavour to serve the needs of a growing consumer market.

Competition in marketing sector

Competition grew as time was passing and many where driven to increase sales by using marketing techniques such as creating brands and marketing them appropriately to increase its overall value.
This way it drove the need to increase productivity and the ultimate goal soon became to persuade the consumer to buy the goods and services provided by one company since this company was offering better products than another company selling the same thing.

This has lead most companies wanting to market their brands instantly and using the best ways to market them as the competition is intense, not to mention all the work marketeers do to finalize the sale of the product such as what product should be produced, where should it be sold, how much would the product be sold and how it needs to be communicated to the consumer.

Today’s marketing is an outward looking environment that brings an understanding of what the markets look and what the consumer needs from the organization.

Marketing has changed rapidly over this century and will always continue to change and adapt to the current needs in time and as a professional marketeer you should be prepared to the changes in society, technology and the world economy.

Luke Vassallo