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Nowadays, the importance of social media is known to everyone. Social become fundamental for the development of new methods and new forms of life and being.
They consists in everything that has a connection: a connection with people, a connection with places, a connection with information, a virtual connection, a connection with the world.

Why is social media important for business?

Social media is a simple way to get connected with the whole world, both professionally and on a personal level.
On a professional level you will find tools like LinkedIn (the most used) and Skype, that help you find the people you need for your business.
Regarding the personal level, you will find tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, that help you to meet new people, new ideas, and new contacts.
For me, the best tool in social media is Google, a search engine, because in it you can search and find everything. Google is the link between people and the technological world.

Social media brought many good things not only on a connection level but also on a learning and knowledge level (wikipedia). Learning has never been so easy.
On the other hand, these social media have also brought disadvantages to the human being, such as technology addiction, health problems and isolation.

Overall, social media came easily plus our way of life. We can assume that it’s a good thing after all.

Social media marketing

Interviews about social media

I did some small interviews all over the world to get the opinion of people in the industry about random topics I proposed:

Ruud from Netherlands

Q: Why is social media important for business?

A: I think it is important because it gives people a chance to look inside the soul of the company, see what happens inside the building, behind the doors of the company. Normally you only know the logo the building on the outside. In a company that uses social you can see more about the people that work there, how the atmosphere is like and you can discover a much more social side of doing business. This is more dynamic and up to date and therefore goes much further than a web page.

Q: What is the importance of social media in business?

A: The importance for me is that it is here now and will be there for the future. People are adapting to new forms of communication. As a company, you have to adapt as well. In order to exist and be seen as a company, you have to be present on social media platforms.

Alessandro from Italy

Q: What you think about social media marketing tools?

A: Social media marketing tools are really useful for us and especially when a social media manager has to share a content in different social medias.
For example, I use a lot Portkuma, which is a platform that has different things to do and to make. With Portkuma you can post contents in 10 or 15 different social media at the same time, and you can post different images and sentences. The most important thing to note that you have to create different languages, contents, videos and images for the social, and with Portkuma you can do it.
Morever, there are hundreds of these tools. You can create targeted landing pages, lead forms, video contents, etc etc.

Andressa from Brasil

Q: What is the importance of social media for you?

A: Social media has been growing more and more in the last years, bringing even more proximity between a company and the client.

If you have become a consulting company, apart from being like mass people in question, social media allows us to segment the audience according to each one’s profile. That is always younger, shorter.
More information on sales, performance, results. You have an autonomy to identify your audience more effectively and qualified, making you a future customer.

“All i want to know is on google, so google it!”

Thank you,

Luis Taveira