The Marketing of Love: an online dating story

Let’s discover how finding your soulmate has changed over the years and how online dating websites can generate you traffic.

Few weeks ago was Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers (even tho many could argue whether this is true or not), thus this time my article will be about love during the Internet era, A.K.A Love 2.0.
Recently, many people take advantage of dating apps: they are quite handy and helpful especially for those who are shy and have hard times starting out a conversation. Consequently, the number of dating websites have increased in the last years and especially in the past 3 years they have grown exponentially.

Dating websites: from desktop to mobile

Online dating story desktop mobile

In darker days, this phenomenon was related only to desktop devices but, as the time’s passed, it’s moved towards mobile apps.
A research carried out by Clickz highlighted that mobile dating apps growth can be attributed to the increasing number of mobile phone users. In one year, the online dating market has switched from desktop to mobile.

The free dating websites are the most common used, they offer free registration and access to their services.
However lately, the number online dating which are charging a fee for premium services is increasing, or at least they offer both a lite and a premium access.

Some data from Tinder

Online dating Tinder pay

To have a grasp of their number, 24% of Tinder users are paying for dating services (source: Global Web Index).
Tinder, is among the oldest and surely the most famous online dating website. It is available in over 30 languages worldwide and among its bigger markets there are US, UK and Brazil. JMP Securities estimates Tinder to be worth $1.6bn, $121m of which are generated by subscriptions alone (Source: BusinessInsider).

However, there is still a long way for Tinder to overtake the other dating players (source: Global Web Index). Thus, it looks obvious that these new dating apps are still far from those desktop based dating websites like and OKCupid.

How marketers will use dating apps to generate leads and advertise products

Online dating Tinder

On top of helping people finding their soulmate, still according to the Global Web Index, Tinder could be worth the interest of advertisers.
Despite it has a modestly low audience, around 60% of its users perceive themselves as brand-engaged, the half affirms that they are incline to purchase products advertised on it and almost 80% tells to their friends about new products which are displayed on it.

This makes Tinder’s users high quality leads, as they pay attention to the ads displayed to them. Thus, it’s safe to conclude that Tinder is not only a platform to find people to hang out with but also a good market place for advertiser to find their customers.

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Marco Martinez