How to create the perfect Mobile Email

A general view of the mobile marketing

Have a mobile email strategy is really important when you are a player in the web advertising business? Sure, you only need to applicate a few tricks to have an immediate advantage.
Mobile phones are protagonist in our lives. Let me tell you few numbers: nowadays we have more then 7 billion mobile phones and almost 4 billion people use their smartphones to be online and open their emails from mobile!

Mobile devices

At the beginning of this year Google introduced an important news that will change forever the web advertising business: a website has to be mobile friendly. In fact, Google began penalizing sites that were not mobile friendly. As of January 10, 2017, Google has once again updated its algorithm to help increase mobile friendly sites’ ranking.

How can this influences our daily goals with Database management and Lead generation? We will see…

The impact of mobile marketing in the email industry

Now it’s official: today, more people open their email on mobile devices then on desktops. The gap between desktops and mobile is only expected to grow.

On smartphones and tablets, our interaction with mobile email is now characterized by two motivations: helps us pass the time, whether it’s while riding a bus or waiting for a doctor. The second reason concerns the need to be updated; this drives us to check our emails from mobile frequently, no matter where we are. People working in the email marketing industry have to find solutions to follow this huge transformation.

Best practices to create a mobile email

  • The most important thing is the reduction of image sizes. With smartphone and tablets, every single second to open an email matters. What happen if the image size is good but is not in not optimized for mobile mail? The user experience is not pleasant, because the image isn’t resized to fit on a mobile screen. In both cases, you will lose conversions.
  • A mobile friendly mail template should have larger size of the links.
  • You need to use big call to action buttons.
  • Yhe email should scan easily, with no large blocks of text and a clear purpose and narrative progression to the call to the action, which should be clear. The email should look good in whichever orientation the device is in.

Mobile email best practices

Mobile email marketing: senders, subjects and… pre-headers

  • Focus your attention on the sender. Most email programs and apps installed on smartphones devote significant space to the sender field. Moreover, we can say that there is not a universal good sender. It depends on your databases and on the brands you are promoting.
  • Personalize the subject. Use name and surnames of the users, special symbols and not more than 5 or 6 words.
  • Create a pre-header that serves as an extension of the subject line and is directly related to the content of the message. When the user finally opens your email, the first thing will appear in their smartphone or tablet would be the pre-header.

Mobile email

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Alessandro Gherardi