Remote work and office inside the backpack – a friend or a foe?

What about remote work? According to Forbes 79 million of people are going to open a home-based office in next 5 years. As an email marketing company which is working on remote from time to time we decided to take a closer look at this modern opportunity.

A brand new lifestyle

home work

Can you survive just with Internet? YouTube bloggers from “Yes Theory” channel checked it in one of their latest videos. They decided to use Tinder dating app in few cities around Europe to get food and accommodation without any money. Even though it was not that easy at the end this app passed the test. But for some of people catching Wi-Fi is more important than for others. It is not for them just the tool to contact others and check the weather. Nowadays we can see also new group – those for whom Internet is giving an endless freedom.

I want to work from home!

work from home

Most probably you already heard this phrase – digital nomad is definitely one of hottest topics of the year. Did you ever wanted to travel the world but you always was thinking that you do not have a time for that? Believe me or not but today it is just an excuse. If you have skills in marketing, translating, copywritting or you are a freelancer get ready for an adventure and get one of online jobs. What are the advantages of working from home? Spending your time on your favourite sofa, prettiest spot in Bali or having quick swim on Bahamas between your tasks sounds like a perfect life – unfortunately this lifestyle and remote work is not for everyone. Some people just simply can not focus and it is not efficient to them. On the other hand plenty of latest studies shows that many remote workers are more productive. From one of surveys 65% people agreed that remote job gave them more boost.

Remote work or not? That is a question

remote work from smarthphone

Okay, let say we decided to hit 2018 in a style and become a digital nomad. On we can find collected data about places around the world. One of the first things we can see is Internet speed in cities all over the globe. We totally agree with that – you can be nomad in the middle of Sahara but probably you will not be a good digital one. On the website we can also check the cost of living, safety, level of english speaking people in the country and also startup score if we are planning to start our own business. I asked my team what do they think about this kind of lifestyle. As an email marketing company with clients on almost every continent we are very independent and flexible. However everyone agreed that office life and socializing here is still an important part of our work. All my colleagues think that the best way is to keep the balance between being in and out of the office. Working from home from time to time is making us happy enough.

Agata Janicka