Scooter and Bike sharing: a new perspective

Hey peeps, it’s me again!
This time I’d like to turn the lights on the Internet of Things (IoT) and its uses in our industry as well as the benefits it has in the daily life of many of us, particularly scooter and bike sharing.

Opposite to what you read around, the data collection and deployment by companies is something old as the earth itself. The main difference is that the amount of data collected now is much more consistent than in the past. As the speed of our network increases, so the amount of data does.

What’s the price of scooter and bike sharing?

Nowadays, everything can be done pulling out your mobile: booking a table or renting a car is as difficult as pulling out you mobile from your pocket. As I love cycling, I was amazed by a new feature related to scooter and bike sharing I saw in Bruxelles few months ago. I was walking down the street when I saw a kick scooter randomly left on the sidewalk. It was then that my friend showed me a real magic. Downloading an app, therefore giving your consent to use your personal data, someone could unlock the kick scooter and use it for free as much as he wants. On top of that, the very same person can leave it wherever he wants. As everything was tracked by the GPS of your mobile. During my trip in Bruxelles I found out that this has been applied also to bikes. The first think I thought was: ‘Awesome!’. I remember my self cycling forever looking for a station where to leave my shared bike back in the days. It used to take me longer to find a free spot than reaching my destination.

However, my mom always told that nobody give anything for free. And as I mentioned before, the price would be your data. And particularly your daily movements. Through AI and data mining, the bike-sharing company can know where you work, where you buy food, even where you live.

Few examples

MoBike has released millions of bikes in more than 160 cities worldwide; goUrban, a Scooter-sharing company, has launched a sharing network of electric scooters in Vienna; but the best part has yet to come: COMODULE has brought to light a breakthrough solution for the sharing system operators. Via a smartphone application connected to a specific bicycle it has unlocked new markets and models:

  • of new revenue stream for manufacturers;
  • of improved services for consumers.

For instance, COMODULE has integrated the services of a leading insurance company with a bicycle database. To make it short:

  • consumers can get an insurance for their bicycles directly via an application (without visit or call the insurance itself);
  • the purchase of the insurance policy is frictionless through an application as an app already knows necessary data about consumer and its bicycle (age, retail price, odometer etc). No human is involved;
  • connectivity on the other hand provides further protection to the insurance company as bike is constantly tracked;
  • consumers can manage claims directly via the application.

Connectivity enables to build products which engages clients better:

  • allows to retrieve & analyse more data;
  • customised experience: change bicycle settings;
  • get new features through software updates;

Smartphone applications are also channels which allow manufacturers to interact with their customers:

  • for cross- & up-selling opportunities;
  • better customer support.

All in all – for the first time in history, manufacturers have the opportunity to keep customers engaged to the product & provide better customer service and experience to turn customers into consumers. The result is an unprecedented brand loyalty.

How to bicycle/scooter companies outpace their competition with connected vehicles?

Companies with connected vehicles do collect priceless data with insights into products performance and usage insights. It allows to design better product and to take more accurate strategic decisions.
Wireless updates
Vehicles such as bikes and scooters which are connected to devices, have faster product development as they can launch new functionalities though digital updates
All this results in faster decisions, smarter products targeted to their audience and faster iterations which enables to outpace your competition.
So be prepared for an incomparable experience next time you’ll be riding your bicycle.

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for the next article.
Live pono and eat pastizzi 😛

Marco Martinez