How web advertising works through
Email Campaign?

What web advertising means?

Could I explain to my grandmother that I work in web advertising with “My job is a form of marketing which uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages to consumers, for example through email campaign”? I don’t think so… Then I would compare her “world” to “ours” showing her that everything, but nothing, has changed.

How fast and simple was in her world to be advertised? The pastry that leaves the door of his shop open, so that the intense smell of sweets spreads through the village’s street, recalling those are in the neighborhood: we can consider this as one of the first forms of advertising. Unfortunately, the smell of sweets has limitation in the audience reached, limitation that web advertising doesn’t have.

Nowadays, the world is much bigger, but I could buy pastries from an other nation, of course without smelling the scent but being seduced by the pictures and the well done advertising on the advertising space of a web site or thank to an email advertising received with one of the best email subject lines ever seen and behind the choice of the date to send it there is the study to find the best time to send email campaign.
Then, actually, the pastry can’t seduce me anymore with the smell that spreads in the streets, but a good picture with an attractive slogan will tempt me – in the same way as the smell in the streets temps me to enter in the shop and buy pastries – to click and check the product.
And as in everything around us there is a strategy: while the one of the pastry could be to make new shape of cakes, to change the colors of the pastries or to offer some small sweets, the one of web advertising is an email marketing strategy as personalize the emails or add more images instead of a text and target the customers.

How web advertising works?

Web advertising is an advertising based on the interactivity and creativity and it exploits the web’s speed and vastness. It includes: email marketing service as email campaign, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), many types of display advertising (also web banner advertising), and mobile advertising.
The advertising is a way to communicate; a form of communication used by companies to create consensus around their image, to spread their products and to achieve their marketing goals.

The smell of the pastries involves only two characters: the pastry and the buyer, meanwhile the web advertising involves a publisher (who integrates advertisements into its online content), an advertiser (who provides the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content), an advertising agency (who helps generate and places the ad copy, an ad server which technologically delivers the ad and tracks statistics) and the advertising affiliates (who does independent promotional work for the advertiser).
The pastry chef need only to make a tasty and beautiful pastries, meanwhile the web advertising needs to find a good email campaign and study an email marketing strategy that includes to have the best email subject lines of the mailbox of the user and also pick up the best time to send email campaign.
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From past to web advertising

What actually has not changed from grandma’s time to today is also the main goal of advertising: as the pastry chef, web advertising wants to give to the brand visibility, to advertise the product always more and better.
Then, as de Lavoisier taught, nothing is created: web advertising didn’t build the idea of advertising, he changed the tools: from the colors of the pastries in the shop window to the attractive email subject lines; nothing is destroyed: the sale’s day or the decorations of the shop just before a special holiday became the study of the best time to send email campaign and everything is transformed: my grandma could actually buy her favourite shoes comfortably sitting on her armchair after receiving the email campaign from her favourite brand.

Daniela Cozzolino