Work in Malta: the digital marketing island

malta beach

If you feel like living on a beautiful sunny island and when you love to be around the sun as much as possible, you should work in Malta! Working in Malta, the digital marketing island, comes with many great opportunities.

The advantage of working as a digital marketing expert on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta is that you will have quite a lot of freedom in your job, the tasks and the responsibilities. Usually you can plan your own work and as a result you will always manage to find time to do things you actually love to do! Like sun bathing!

If you like the sun, the beach and spending time with friends having lovely drinks and great food while working within the online marketing industry, then Malta is the place to be! You will be making good money and there is plenty of fun stuff to spend that hard earned money by doing cool stuff. What about renting a boat for the day and spend the day with friends including drinks? The possibilities are endless!

So what kind of things can you do in Malta?

malta food

Malta has quite a lot of possibilities. As an island you can always bring a visit to one of the many beaches or beach clubs.
There is Pearl beach in Sliema, Golden Bay, Riviera Bay, Melieha Bay and so many more lovely bays.
As Malta is a group of Islands you can also visit Gozo, definitely worth that one extra mile by boat.
But don’t forget to bring a visit to Comino, you will be able to find there the Blue Lagoon, an experience you will never forget.

Besides things in or around the water, there is plenty of history in Malta. Did you know there are temples in Malta which were made before the Egyptian pyramids? Or what about the old capital of Mdina? This is the cleanest, quietest and most beautiful city you will ever see in Malta!

But I guess if you ask people around, “What are the things to do in Malta”, a lot of people will answer: “Food and drinks”. Malta is full with great bars and restaurants. As a matter of fact you will be able to find here most of the cuisine from the world. From English food to American burgers, mediterranean food, Italian food, Asian food or a lovely Wagyu beef.

Work in Malta: remotely is possible!

work malta

Working as an online digital marketing expert has with more advantages. Lots of employers allow you to work remotely. This actually gives you the opportunity to visit one of the nice bays around in Malta. Like Spinola Bay or Balluta bay. There are plenty of nice bars with a lovely terrace and view, why not work from that terrace and enjoy the sun, a coffee or beer while doing your job? Isn’t it a fantastic feeling that you can do your work from anywhere you would like?

The island of Malta is a great place to work in the marketing industry or as an online digital marketing export. Did you know that the services industry in general contributes to 87.2% of the gross domestic product of the Island of Malta? That means there will be plenty of job opportunities and especially in online marketing.

If you love the sun and love to work as an online digital marketing expert, you will love to work in Malta. It is pretty easy to achieve your goals if a lot of flexibility is given by your employer and when you find in intrinsic motivation due to the sun, the lovely climate, great food and lots of cool stuff to do! You will feel more happiness than the rain does obviously but also because in general is a relaxed lifestyle can be found on the island Malta. In Malta you won’t experience much of people in a rush or frustrated people due to bad weather or employers giving them not enough freedom to fulfil their job.
When you’ve been working very hard, you’ll earn a relaxing moment with a beer, a glass of wine, a pizza or just what you would like! Isn’t that the reason to work? To enjoy life to the max, with things you love and enjoy the most? Malta is an island where you can basically do what you want to do.

The most important thing to remember is that Malta has a pretty open and a relaxing atmosphere. The special thing about working in a digital marketing company is that there is always something to learn and discover. If you would like to follow your passion, you most certainly should not stop yourself to take the first step, because where a door closes another door will open for you!

Tatiana Maeijer